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Our core business is ICT & Security Systems installation and Telecommunication services including GSM & Electrical equipments installation, Site Auditing and Site Surveys, Tower Construction and Rectification & Remote Management Systems installations.


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We are registered with  Contractors Registration Board (CRB) to undertake Telecomunication, ICT and Security System contracts. We are also registered with OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Authority). Our technicians are highly qualified and experienced personnel in the field.


Created: Wednesday, 12 February 2014 00:00
Written by Eng. Mateja M.G Yango   
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Client: Mer Telecom Tanzania ltd. This project was based on Mtwara and Ruvuma Regions on Helios Towers previously owned by Vodacom. Our scope provided our client with a comprehensive assessment and detailed information about their site's inventory, configuration, structures, quality and health and safety.

OUR SERVICES: In this project our scope included the following activities,

  • Foundation auditing, which involves digging down, measuring foundation dimensions, using Schmidt hammer for concrete testing and establishing foundation drawing.
  • RF Equipment audits, this involves both Transmission and BTS equipments.
  • Electrical Equipment audits, this involved generator auditing, AC&DC distribution boards audits, Power Back up system audits and Power Regulators/transformers. 
  • Site grounding check up, grounding is checked on tower and on Electrical and RF equipments, and a Megger tester was used to obtain earthing value.
  • Full tower structure, top to down visual inspection to identify in-case of any rusting member/bolt&nut and strength of the tower.


CLIENT BENEFITS: From our reports, the tower owner get the following advantages

  • It enables analysis of loading capacity and space availability for accommodating another tenant.
  • Examine tower strengthening measures to be taken to make it capable of bearing extra loads more than its original design.
  • Client can ensure health and safety measures are observed.
  • Client can improve power back up systems.
  • Client can improve grounding/earthing of the site & equipment to avoid damage of equipement on lightning strikes.


PROJECT SHORT COMINGS: Every project has its drawbacks, in this project we faced mainly two drawbacks, site key accessibility has been an issue in some sites, then February is the start of raining season in Tanzania, most of the sites are located in remote areas, so its been a challenge for us. Despite all, everything were put under control.  

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