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Any conditions

When working on risky conditions like on towers we ensure our safety first, life belt, safety shoes, helmets and reflector jacket/ overall are MUST.

Guaranteed Perfection

We give you what you need when you need it with 100% guaranteed perfection. Our focus is to deliver what ur customer expects to receive,

Accurately defined targets

Despite being instructed by site installation documents/ layout sketches we use logical decision on implementing our scopes.

Professionally trained engineers

We are always happy in what we do, we cherish the work of our hands and minds.

Snags free acceptance

Cleanliness and smartness in our installation services is a very vital aspect that ensures acceptances are made easy.

Our Services

Our core business is ICT & Security Systems installation and Telecommunication services including GSM & Electrical equipments installation, Site Auditing and Site Surveys, Tower Construction and Rectification & Remote Management Systems installations.


We guarantee our clients maximum perfection and satisfaction, Sometimes we have to work day and night to meet our clients tight deadlines, best quality outputs and ensuring proper documentation for the projects we are doing. 100% Perfection & Satisfaction is our policy.

Our qualifications

We are registered with ВContractors Registration Board (CRB) to undertake Telecomunication, ICT and Security System contracts. We are also registered with OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Authority). Our technicians are highly qualified and experienced personnel in the field.

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